Butterflies & Flowers Layering Decorative Masks

This week on my Facebook Live I wanted to show you some of the products I have received in my pre-order from the Jan-Jun 2022 Mini Catalogue. Also I had a play with the Butterflies & Flowers Layering Decorative Masks. This was the first time I had a go at using them so we learnt about them together.

Stampin' Up! Butterflies & Flowers Layering Decorative Masks

Tips on using the Butterflies & Flowers Layering Decorative Masks

  • Have your shammy or wipes handy to clean the masks after using – because the masks are a dark colour the ink sitting on them is not really visible. It’s very easy to turn over and get ink on your work. So clean straight away.
  • Mask off areas your not using on both the mask and cardstock…even for the small leaves
  • With a permanent pen (Sharpie) mark 1 & 2 on the flower mask so you remember which one to use first.
  • Always start with your light colour first.
  • Watch what colours your putting together because the colours layer on top of each other and you may end up with a new colour ‘Mud’
  • Leaf Mask – use your blending brush up and down not in a circular motion.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my Blog. I hope you have enjoyed my projects & that you’re inspired to get crafty!  

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