Michele’s Weekly Highlights

Found these beautiful cards on Pinterest…Do you ever go and check out what others are doing?

Its great for Ideas…just make sure if you copy a card or CASE then give credit to the designer.




What do you think of this….loving these the more I see them….


Other Highlights….heard yesterday my No: 2 son will be home for a week from this weekend….he’s in the Navy and is attending ADFA- Australian Defense Force Academy. Haven’t seen him for about a month, so that will be exciting. This photo was taken last year…shhh! don’t tell him I put this up. he hates it when I do…LOL!


Have been back at the pool….swimming lots of laps….trying to get fit.

16665214_10208291423104308_5588768528020385067_o_LI At the pool this morning…its a great indoor pool.

Have tearing my hair out this week decided to chase up some family tree branches…oh what fun…NOT!

But is it interesting….Yes

Am I addicted….YES!


I did these pages many years ago and the lady on the left is my Great Grandmother Catherine Jane Eade…I have spent days looking for details on her parents and grandparents.

Two things hinder this search…

  1. Were looking into mid to late 1800’s…that’s a long time ago…
  2. Here heritage is Australian Aborigine (so I have been told…by Great Aunts from my Grandmothers Family who knew her) and information is sketchy.

Anyway hope to talk to some of my mothers cousins over coming months to see what they can tell me.

Well that’s it for this weeks highlights…jump onto Pinterest you may find some interesting stuff. Check out my page while your there.



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