Project Life and catching Up!

Last weekend we celebrated my eldest son’s 21st……Aaron 21 collage

It was a great night and thanks to a great lot of friends and family, it will be very memorable.

We framed some photo’s taken of Aaron through out the years and hung them on the back fence.

But in finding these photos I went through

many photo albums that I had temporarily put the photo’s with the plain of scrapbooking them.

That never happened, like most of us I’d say.

When going through the albums I came across photo’s I had taken in 2008. We had moved into a caravan while renovating our house.

This had taken place about a week before Aaron’s 13th Birthday.

So its about time I did something about it……so I’ve made a start and here are the first 2 pages…


One Word of advise….get your photos done now don’t wait until the memories are fading…..

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