Where are your photo’s now?

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Where are your photos now?

This is something that at the moment is very relevant and something that had me in tears for a few hours last night.

And this is something that I have spoken about before, but…..

Where are your photos……are they stored on your phone, on a thumb drive, disc, external hard drive, storage cloud.

There are many places to store your photo’s….

How safe are they?

Safe from damage, being lost, destroyed…

Where am I coming from, why am I sharing this with you..

Last week I picked my son up from school and we drove to McDonald’s…he needed to get changed from School uniform to casual clothes to go away with friends on a Church Youth activity and we had no time to go home.

Easy…….went in with his phone came out minus his phone….we didn’t relies this for 20 minutes. In that time someone has found the phone and kept it.

What was on the phone….all his photos of a school trip to Cambodia in January.

Forward to yesterday….

I have for the past 3 years been carefully storing photos on an external Hard Drive…..So they are all in one place and safe….

Until yesterday….

I lent my Hard Drive to another person and a simple mistake has corrupted the hard drive and now my photo’s may be lost.

No one is at fault or to blame.

So where are your photo’s now?

Now with most of us owning Smart Phones its so easy now to take great photo’s. but we loose phones or they stop working for different reasons. We keep them on our computers but these can crash. We put them on storage devices….or in Cloud Storage and there are many to choose from… It seems that Cloud is good as you can access from different computers/ devices.  

But are these always safe.


What is the answer?

I don’t think there is an easy answer. But the one answer I have discovered is have more than one way of backing up those photos.

All of the storage devices are good, work what works for you best but have more than one.

It will take a little work but it will be worth it to keep those memories safe.

From now on I will be storing in a “Cloud” and computer or external Hard Drive…more than one place.

Get them into Albums!

Most of all is I am going to get my best photos printed and into my albums.

This way I have something to share easily with family and friends.

It can be as simple as place photos into pockets or designing a whole page around the photo/photos. Get your family involved, let them help you plain and journal what the photos are about.

Stampin’ Up! have been passionate about Memory Keeping for the past few years and this will be continuing with there NEW catalogue. With the chose of pocket pages or traditional scrapbook pages there is something for all.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about our products and seeing the new catalogue.

Please, have a look at how you are storing your photos, think about storing in more than one device and


Re-live the enjoyment you had in taking the photos by sharing them through your albums.



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