For my Scripture Children

Again, this year I have been teaching Scripture to great bunch of year 2 students. Robyn and I had them last year when they were still very young. This year we have seen them grow into more confident boys and girls.
On a Thursday morning we wait in the class room as the school are all gathered together in front of the “Old school building” for a quick assembly. Then we here one of the teachers say, “Thank your Scripture Teachers”. A pounding of feet and in runs the boys seeing who gets in first and gets the front seats. The girls in not as much of a rush follow on.
They all sit there and listen as I ask them about their week and start, sometimes with a game or a question relevant to the days lesson.
Not all sit there and listen, and the answers aren’t always what you hope to hear…but by the end of the year the naughtiest boy is starting to know I mean business …in a kind loving way.
And then before you know the bell rings and with shuffling of chairs, a voice calls out “Who gets the award today?” and they are running out the door just as fast as when they came in.
This week is the last time for this year and we have been given gifts to give the children. So instead of wrapping in gift paper I have made envelopes to hold the CD’s about the First Christmas and decorated with stamped images from last year’s Merry Mice (now discontinued) and coloured using Stampin’ Up! Water Colour Pencils.
So, what about next year…it may be a new group of Year 1 or 2 boys and girls…and I will miss this wonderful group, even the naughtiest one of all.

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