Do I buy Wooden, Clear or Photopolymer?

Do I buy Wooden, Clear or Photopolymer?

Sometimes it can be confusing…Wood- mount, Clear-mount, Photopolymer? Which do I buy?

But, you know its really not that hard!

It all boils down to …. Do you like the image?

Rubber or Photopolymer?

Because if its between Red Rubber or Photopolmer then the designs don’t cross over. I have had a few people say they would only buy one or the other, but if you do that you miss out on all the other great designs available. What you can purchase in the photopolymer you just can’t get in the red rubber.

Photopolymer are transparent so you can see where you are stamping and is a real advantage when doing 3 step-stamping or multiple images. But that is where the Stamparatus comes in handy and that’s another story for another time or if you go back a few posts you will find why the Stamparatus is my favorite tool.

Clear- Mount or Wood-mount?

This is personal chose…I like Clear and this just means I use ‘Clear Blocks’..Why? I need the blocks for the potopolymer so I have them. The storage is smaller… don’t need the larger box so I have more room to buy more stamps before my shelf is full…LOL!

Some people just love the traditional feel of the wooden block.

When you purchase, you just need to make sure you have a clear block to match and best way around that is to buy all the blocks….great Bundle price on that too…

Clear Block Bundle 118491

 These high-quality acrylic blocks are grooved for easy gripping. Save 10 percent on clear blocks when you buy them in a bundle. This Clear Block Bundle includes all of our block sizes. Buy the bundle and always have the blocks you need on hand.


The image below was taken from Stampin’ Up! Annual Catalogue and shows/explains the differences between the stamps really well.

Handy Tips……

  • Store your stamps in the boxes they come in
  • Keep your Clear-mount blocks clean for better cling – wash in soapy water after use to remove ink residue and oils from your hands
  • If your photopolymer  stops sticking to the block give them a gentle wash with mild detergent, rinse well and air dry…will be as good as new.
  • Photopolymer does stain…don’t worry as long as you clean well to remove ink then the colour does not transfer to other projects

Have fun enjoy your stamping!

#Keep on stampin

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