Gum Leaves and Gumnuts

I am always looking for new ways to use products to give me different effects.

The other day one of my Stampin’ Up! colleges posted an article about using Painters tape as a mask, but it was a special type of tape.

  It was called “Frog Tape”,anyway I did some research as this tape can only be bought through Masters and I don’t have one near me.

I found that 3M put out a “Blue Painter Tape Edge Lock”, it comes in different widths and different tackiness.…/Resourc…/Edge-Lock-Protector/

So I purchased the Advanced Multi-Surface Tape as it comes in wider width. Not cheep $15 – $20 per roll
I wanted a solid shape that would fit inside the tape width so used the Feathers Edgelits (discontinued).

I decided to used Glossy paper (also discontinued) to make my mask on and put through the Big Shot. The Big Shot pressed the two together a bit firmer than I would have liked but nothing I could do about that. I hoped that because I used the gloss paper it would pull apart OK, it did stick and tear paper a little but with gentle perspiration I got them apart.

Once I had the mask made I attached to some Shimmery White, this card stock is great with water colouring.

So using the Aqua Painter and inks..this is what I came up with. It bled a little and didn’t give me the clean lines I was hoping for.

But that may have been I was too eager to take mask of.
Very pleased with out come.


The center leaf was painted on another piece of card stock and then cut out with the Edgelits. I made the Gumnut using the Acorn Punch from the Seasonal Catalog and

is still available in the New Occasional Catalog.



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