Hello December……Cont

Welcome again to my Blog.

Last week I started working on my Hello December 2016 project Life Album and sharing that with you.

Have you started yours yet?

In my blog last week I stated that “Today I started sorting my cards and planning where I’m going to place them…but I know this will change as I work my way through December.”


It didn’t take long to start changing things, once I printed some photos. You have to stay flexible if you are doing your album this way…I am following a page plan that was shown to me by another Demonstrator. I like the look of the finished album but I think it would be by far easier to put in you photos first and then your cards as your are working with your photo’s rather against them. Doing it the way I’m doing I’m making the photos fit rather than finding a page that fits the photo.

The recommended steps to follow are.

  1. Place photos into pockets
  2. Put cards into pockets
  3. Journal
  4. Decorate with embellishments

But I’m going to keep going with what I have and see where this takes me.

Tip 3

I always work with “post it notes”…as events happen I write it down and stick to the page where its going. this way when you print your photos you know what page to put them


Tip 4

Print your photos as you go…its a lot easier to remember what happened 2-3 days later than 4 weeks down the track.

Tip 5

Stay flexible to move Pocket pages around to suit photos


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