Traveler’s Diary ….

When life gets so busy and you get to the end of the week…I looked back to find what I had missed….

And it was YOU!

So what have I been doing….it seems I am always on the computer. Looking for ideas searching the net, looking at Facebook. It never seems to end.

I have to sit at the start of each week and plan out my week or nothing gets done. And what better way to do this but with a planner or Diary, a book to jot down Tasks, Events, plans or ideas. Something that fits in your purse or bag that’s handy, something that is all about you and your life. A reflection of your day to day life.

A book to write about your travels, what you have seen, your thoughts or your feelings….a book to use for Prayer Points and Bible Study Notes….

A collection of books held together in one cover, with pockets to add things you need to keep or memorabilia of special events.

Here is my version of a Traveler’s Diary….its fits in my bag. I have used one of my favorite Designer Series Papers.

It has 3 books for notes, a basic month by month calendar and somewhere for photo’s of my family.

If you are interested in learning how to make one of these I will be running a workshop (in Australia), detailed below.

After this class I will post a Tutorial on this.

Any questions about this or anything else please contact me.


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