Old Memories……

Yesterday, my son Robert  was having a chat to his Dad about one of his subjects, Modern History. I reminded them that we have an old suitcase in the shed with lots of bits and pieces from Europe, brought over by my Father in-law.

My husbands family came from Croatia and moved to Australia after the War.

So we went in search for this suitcase…..

We found an old suitcase (thinking it was the one we were after), we cleaned it up and brought it inside.


It was so funny because here was my 17 yr old son looking at this case and wondering how to open it.

“Are there keys?”

He had never seen a suitcase before with locks like this.

So I showed him how it opened and had a good laugh…how times have changed.

Unfortunately it wasn’t my father in-laws case but it was my mother in-laws.

We found her sewing box, old costume jewellery, photos and some Bibles (written in German and Croatian). We also found my husbands school records which he had thought were thrown out years ago.


But the treasure we did find was my mother in-laws cook book, with all her hand written recipes.

What a find….but they are all written in Croatian. Now I just have to get translated.


Last year my husband wanted to have a Croatian Christmas with traditional food and we didn’t know where this cook book was. So I down loaded recipes from the internet and we gave them a go.

It was a fun Christmas Lunch  and it was great trying different food to what we would normally have. I made sure that we took photo’s of me making these recipes and of them on our table for Christmas lunch. And put these photos into my 2016 Christmas Project Life Album…they are a great reminder.


So this year if I can get these recipes translated in time…I maybe able to make some of these goodies for Christmas lunch this year too…

So whats the reason behind all this..

Memories are great, get them out of those old suitcases and share them. take photos and remember the stories.

A great way to do this is through Memory Keeping and Project Life.

Project Life gives you a simple way to get photos into albums so you can tell the stories and share with family and friends.

Go to my shop and check out the Seasonal catalogue for this years Hallo December Project Life Card Collection,  Accessory pack, 6 x 8 Emerald Envy ASlbum and Pocket pages.

This is only available until 3rd January 2017

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